Rebecca Bettig-Dobson



Art, science and expression… these three words describe Becky perfectly.  

All throughout her life, Becky was driven to find ways to express herself.  This drive led her to explore the arts and science.  As Becky continued on a path of creativity and expression, she traveled internationally which expanded her scope and vision for her potential in life.  She thought to herself, “Wow!  Look at all of these people… look at what they can do… look at what they have accomplished.  I can do anything I put my mind to”.  Not long after that, she was introduced to fine jewelry.  She realized that art, science and expression exuded from the jewelry business.  She had found her niche.  

Becky’s love and enthusiasm for jewelry led her to quickly learn the business as well as attain the title of “Accredited Jewelry Professional” (GIA).  

If you ask Becky what she loves about this business, you might hear her say, “I love this business!  I get to express myself and help people while I’m doing it!”