Damian Rutka

Grand Rapids MI Jeweler Damien RutkaAs a young boy, Damian would love to create, shape and build things. His mechanical and artistic mind gravitated toward toys like model kits and building blocks, which required precise dexterity, patience and imagination.

His mother, a long-time master jeweler, saw his potential. “He possesses all the qualities to be a masterful jeweler”, she thought to herself. She introduced him to the field of fine jewelry.

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About Damian Rutka

Damian put his heart and soul into the craft and well exceeded his mother’s expectations. After training and apprenticing with several master jewelers, he has attained the title of Master Jeweler himself. Later in his life, Damian developed a friendship with Paul, and soon found himself welcomed to the team with open arms.

Damian’s skill led him to create and work on world famous pieces including a few big-name celebrities and museum pieces. With such a high level of skill, his position is still a humble one…

“Being a jeweler is not just a job, it’s a lifestyle… I didn’t choose it, it chose me. It is in my blood. I feel honored and thankful to truly help people no matter where they are in life. I realize that whether I am repairing jewelry, restoring an heirloom piece of jewelry, or assisting in custom design, I give my best in everything. I give my best because I know how important that jewelry is to the customer. It’s not just jewelry… it’s a memory, and I feel honored to help them take care of and preserve their memories”.

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