About Us

Who We Are

Paul Medawar Fine Jewelry is a family-owned, fine jewelry store, deeply rooted in West Michigan. We are passionate about delivering top quality service and jewelry to our community. We pride ourselves on knowledge, quality and delighting our customers with excellent service.

With over 90 years in the business, we guarantee the highest quality in both our fine merchandise and expert services. We specialize in a wide range of services from jewelry repair/design, to vintage watch restoration, and jewelry appraisals.

At Paul Medawar Fine Jewelry, you will discover a different jewelry shopping experience. Browse a remarkable selection of impeccable jewelry, and enjoy the help of the most knowledgeable, helpful staff around. Stop by our beautiful store to experience world-class selection of styles, and service from an independent, family-owned jeweler.

In 1920 Medawar senior opened up a watch and clock sales and repair center in Lebanon. His knowledge, good business sense, and passion for his work led him to great success. As his business continued to grow, he and his five sons expanded the operation to include jewelry repair and sales.

Chakib Medawar (1920) - Paul's father and the founder of the Medawar business.

Paul Medawar, one of the five sons, began learning about watches, clocks and jewelry at a very early age. By the age of seventeen Paul was working as a watch and clock repair technician at his father's shop. At the age of eighteen, Paul expanded his knowledge by going to Switzerland and becoming certified in fine watch repair.

In 1969, Paul came to the U.S. and opened a small shop called Medawar Watch Repair. Five years later, the first Medawar Jewelry retail store was established in Los Angeles, CA. Today, the Medawar family of fine jewelers has over ten stores in Michigan and one in California.

Paul Medawar Fine Jewelry is located in Grand Rapids, MI. We pride ourselves on knowledge, quality and customer service. Today, Paul continues to train his children, Daniel and David, just as his father trained him. We are a third-generation family-owned and -operated business, and we continue to passionately serve our customers.

Our Promise

Most people try to capture their special moments in the pages of time. Some do this with pictures that capture that moment, others- through writing, art, or music. One of the greatest ways to remember these life-changing moments is with meaningful jewelry that tells a story.

The jewelry inspired by life's special moments will be passed on through the generations, helping those memories live forever. At Paul Medawar Fine Jewelry, we know that everyone's story and special moments are unique. It is our great passion to help our customers find the perfect gift to celebrate the most cherished milestones in their lives.

Our promise is to treat our customers as our own family, provide the best service and finest jewelry, and continue to strive to give our best to our customers and their loved ones.