Jewelry Repair

Jewelry Repair Grand Rapids, MIPaul Medawar Fine Jewelry is a leading provider of jewelry repair in Grand Rapids and is recognized as a premier jewelry repair store in the Midwest.

Whether jewelry repair is simple or complex, our expert craftsmen have the experience and ability to bring your piece back to life.

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Grand Rapids Jewelry Repair

Our unmatched experience is joined with our in-house jewelry repair facility that features the latest technology, equipment, and tools to meet the highest standards in the industry.

Our jewelry repair services include:

Jewelry & Ring Sizing

If your jewelry doesn’t fit correctly, we can resize gold and platinum pieces. Whether it’s a new ring or a piece of jewelry you’ve had for years, we can help.

Stone Tightening & Re-tipping

After continuous use, your jewelry items may gradually wear down over time. As a result, stones may become loose or prongs can wear down. Not to worry, we are well equipped to handle any situation. Re-tipping the prongs and tightening any loose stones greatly increases the durability of your treasured jewelry, and reduces the chance of any stone loss

Refinishing & Polishing

Over the years, jewelry can become tarnished or scratched through normal use. We can polish your jewelry to make it shine beautifully again! We can also re-plate white gold jewelry with Rhodium to make it look brand new.

Chain & Bracelet Repair

Chains and bracelets can get tangled, twisted, or broken during wear or through improper storage. We can repair or replace broken pieces and clasps on your jewelry.

Jewelry Restoration Heirloom

Vintage jewelry repair is a particular area of expertise for our staff. Over time, jewelry pieces become worn and often require restoration or part replacement. Our jewelry repair experts have the tools to restore delicate pieces of vintage jewelry to make them sparkle like new.

Stone Setting

Let’s say you’ve inherited a diamond and want to find the perfect setting for it, or maybe you want to upgrade your current setting by putting a larger diamond in place of your current diamond.  Or possibly, you have an older piece of jewelry that needs to have a stone replaced and matched for look and quality.  Look no further, our expert stone setters are happy to help with whatever you need.

And many, many more services…

To learn more about the jewelry repair services offered at Paul Medawar Fine Jewelry, call our jewelry repair store in Grand Rapids MI at (616) 363-4902.