Grand Rapids, MI Luxury Watches


Seiko watches transcend typical timepieces with cutting-edge technology, high levels of craftsmanship, and superior timekeeping accuracy. Each part of a Seiko watch is precisely designed to become the ultimate accessory for your wardrobe and lifestyle. As a premier jewelry store, we’re proud to offer Seiko watches because of their reputation for excellence.

Seiko watches are crafted from a rich heritage of watchmaking expertise. Each Seiko watch has been made by master craftsmen who have perfected their watchmaking techniques. Our Grand Rapids, MI jewelers understand that a Seiko watch is an investment in your personal style, which is why we’ll give you the information you need to shop with confidence.

Seiko Core Line

Excellent quality men’s and women’s watches. A perfect fit for any style or occasion.

Seiko Luxe Line

Exclusive, high-end men’s Seiko watches. This particular collection of Seiko watches are only available at a select few Seiko retailers in the United States. The Seiko Luxe line specializes in high-quality details like hand-painted dials and case finishing that make these timepieces a must for true watch collectors.