Gemstone Education

Colored Gemstones

Colored gemstones add variety and spice to the world of jewelry. With an almost endless array of colors available, the possibilities are limitless. The advantage of having so many options is that you can perfectly complement your attire, create a piece of jewelry with your favorite color(s), or have a gemstone represent the birth month of you or someone else (birthstone). Below is a list of desired gemstones in birthstone order.

Birth Stones

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January – Garnet

Most people think of the rich dark brownish-red tone when they hear the word garnet. Garnets, however, appear in a variety of colors from deep brownish red, purple and earth tones as well as citrus colors like orange, yellow and green.

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February – Amethyst

Amethyst is the purple variety of the Quartz gem species. Over time it has been one of the most prized varieties of quartz because of its uniquely deep royal purple color.

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March – Aquamarine

Aquamarine is the greenish-blue variety of the gem species beryl. Aquamarines color can range from blue to greenish blue with different levels of intensity and can resemble the beautiful waters of the sea.

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April – Diamond

Diamond is the hardest gemstone used in jewelry. Its beauty, elegance and durability make it a very desirable stone. Diamonds ability to display flashes of color and flickers of light make it a stone that capture the essence of love ever so poetically.

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May – Emerald

Emerald is the green variety of the gem species beryl. The lush color of emerald has been appreciated in jewelry for thousands of years. There is no other gemstone that displays green color quite like emerald… Deep, rich and vibrant all at the same time.

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June – Pearl/Alexandrite

Pearl is truly a unique gem because it is produced from a living creature (a mollusk) in the sea. It’s soft luster is perfect for anyone who appreciates a subtle yet stated elegance. Alexandrite; a rare variety of the gem species chrysoberyl. A truly unique stone that has the ability to change color depending on the light that it is in.

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July – Ruby

Ruby is the red variety of the gem species Corundum. Its luscious red hue evokes thoughts of warmth and love. Ruby’s color is caused by the trace element chromium inside the stone. Ruby is one of the most durable colored gemstones for everyday wear.

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August – Peridot

Peridot displays a very lively, crisp and energetic green color. The bright bold color of this gemstone makes a statement in any piece of jewelry. The presence of Iron inside the gemstone causes its color.

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September – Sapphire

Sapphire typically refers to the blue variety of the gem species corundum, yet it can display all the colors of the rainbow. Colors other than blue are called fancy sapphires. Blue sapphire spans many shades and saturations of blue. Sapphire is one of the most durable colored gemstones for everyday wear.

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October – Opal/Tourmaline

Opal consists of many microscopic silica spheres stacked alongside one another. When light interacts with this internal structure, we see beautiful flashes of color. Truly a phenomenal stone! Tourmaline comes in a broad spectrum of colors like rich and warm, to pastel, to vibrant and electrifying. These colors can be varying tones and saturations of colors like red, pink, green, yellow and even blue to name a few.

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November – Citrine

Citrine is the yellow/ golden variety of the gem species quartz. This rich color has depth and can resemble the golden rays of the sun or capture the essence of Autumn.

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December – Blue Topaz/Tanzanite

Blue topaz comes in varying shades and intensities of vibrant blue. To describe the color of this stone, names like sky blue, swiss blue, london blue, as well as other romantic names have been associated with the stone. Tanzanite is a pleochroic (more than one color) stone. When examined closely, violet, purple and blue can be seen from different viewing angles. Tanzanites come in a blue, violet-blue and bluish purple body color with different levels of saturation. A perfect choice for those who wish they could marry the best of purple and blue into one.