David Medawar

David Medawar Jeweler Grand Rapids MI“How can this be done better…more effectively”?

This was, and still is, David Medawar’s constant thought process. Ever since he learned to speak, David loved to solve things.

When he saw a puzzle, he would take joy in figuring it out and solving it. Solving it was never enough though. He would study it, figure out all the different ways to solve it, and then choose the best way.

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About David Medawar

His analytical mind led him into the field of technology and he earned a degree in computer programming and pursued it to the fullest. He used this knowledge to bring a higher level of technology to Paul Medawar Fine Jewelry, which brought the store to a new level of excellence. David couldn’t stop there though.

David also had an interest in watchmaking and wanted to continue his father’s legacy. It soon became evident that his mind and fine technical skills were perfectly suited to follow in his father’s footsteps. With hard work, and his father’s guidance, David has become an amazing watchmaker who was trained by several masters including his father, AWCI (American Watchmakers – Clockmakers Institute) and Rolex. David continues to bring the business to new heights with his technological and watchmaking skills.

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