Paul Medawar

Paul Medawar Jeweler Grand Rapids MI“Dad, what are you working on?”

“Come son, let me show you. This is a watch when it is completely disassembled.”

“Wow!!! That’s amazing. There are like a million tiny parts here”

“Yes my son… they all work together in perfect harmony. It is like a universe on a small scale.”

“Are you putting all of these pieces together? How can you do that? Can I try?”

“Come here son. Let me show you. One piece at a time.”

About Paul Medawar

That’s how it started. As a young boy Paul noticed his father Chakib give his utmost in everything he did. Chakib took Paul under his wing and began training him in the art at a very early age. By the age of 15, Paul was a proficient watchmaker.

Paul’s drive for constant progress and improvement led him to pursue greater heights. In 1968, Paul went to Switzerland and became a Swiss certified watchmaker and attained his Rolex certification soon after.

In 1970, he opened his own watch and clock repair shop. With Paul’s hard work and dedication, the store became successful. Paul’s vision still reached further… He thought to himself, “How can I serve the people even better… More completely?” Paul knew that he could do more. Shortly after, Paul expanded his business to include fine jewelry.

He continued to work tirelessly until he formed an operation that included jewelry and watch retail as well as services of the utmost quality. And true to his nature, he still is continuously refining himself and the operation, day after day. To this day, Paul continues to ask the question, “How can I best serve you?”

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