Are You Supposed to Have Matching Wedding Bands?

Wedding Bands Grand Rapids, MI Jewelry StoreThe origin of metal wedding bands for women goes back to Ancient Rome. Yet, did you know that men didn’t always wear wedding bands? In the United States, this tradition didn’t start until the early 20th century during World War I and II. American soldiers would wear wedding bands as a way of keeping their wives and families close to their hearts, despite being an ocean apart. Today, both men and women wear wedding ringsas a symbol of their love and commitment.

Do Men’s and Women’s Wedding Bands Have to Match?

While wedding bands don’t have to match, they should complement each other. Yet, this can be easier said than done when you’re trying to balance two different styles and personalities. Fortunately, the Paul Medawar team is ready and more than happy to help! In this blog post, we’ll help you better understand the benefits of matching versus complementary wedding bands.

Questions For You and Your Partner

  • Is the engagement ring part of a set that includes a wedding band?
  • Do either of you have metal sensitivities? If so, consider a hypoallergenic metal like platinum.
  • What types of clothes do you and your partner wear? In other words, what are your personal styles?
  • What metals complement you and your partner’s skin tones? For example, white gold and platinum flatter most people, but rose gold and yellow gold are excellent options as well.

The Argument for Matching Wedding Bands

Matching wedding bands are traditional. They symbolize the fact that you and your partner are united through your love for each other. Matching wedding rings can also be great if you and your partner have the same taste in jewelry.

Benefits of matching wedding bands:

  • Celebrate your love AND tradition
  • Symbolize you and your partner’s union
  • Great if you and your partner have similar styles

The Argument for Complementary Wedding Bands

Being in a loving relationship doesn’t mean you stop being your own person. It’s important that you and your partner both love your wedding rings. After all, they’re an enduring symbol of your love and commitment. Fortunately, there are ways to celebrate you and your partner’s unique love story without sacrificing your individuality.

If you wish, the Paul Medawar team can help you shop for complementary wedding bands. While complementary wedding rings don’t match, they do have similarities that make them compatible as a set. For example, two wedding rings can be the same style, but of different metals. Likewise, we can help you find wedding rings of different styles, but of the same metals.

Benefits of complementary wedding bands:

  • Celebrate your love AND individuality
  • Mix and match styles
  • Mix and match metals
  • Great if you and your partner both have different styles


The wedding ring is a circle with no beginning or end, representing eternal love. No matter what wedding bands you choose, this fact will not change. As a jewelry store, we understand that you and your partner’s wedding rings are ultimately a celebration of your love for each other. As a result, we will be more than happy to help you and your partner find the perfect wedding rings. Each couple is unique, which is why we offer complementary and matching wedding bands.

If you’re still unsure about what wedding bands to get, visit our jewelry store in Grand Rapids, MI. It always helps to see the different wedding band styles in person. Our helpful staff will also be able to answer any questions you may have while you shop. To contact our specialized jewelry team, call Paul Medawar Fine Jewelry at (616) 363-4902. We look forward to hearing from you soon!