Guide to Wedding Ring Metals in 2019

Wedding Ring Metals Grand Rapids, MI JewelerWedding rings are symbols of everlasting love. As a premier jewelry store, we know this better than anyone. Our sincere wish is that you find the perfect wedding rings to declare your love and commitment.

This is why we’ve created this guide to help you understand the differences between platinum, yellow gold, and other wedding ring metals. No matter what you choose, your partner will be sure to love it!

Listed below are the most precious, long-lasting, and durable metals used in fine jewelry…

  • Platinum
  • Yellow Gold
  • White Gold
  • Rose Gold


Platinum is one of the most durable precious metals. Not only is this practical if your partner works with their hands, but it also represents the strength of you and your partner’s bond. Platinum wedding rings resist scratches, which make them perfect for everyday wear. Not to mention, platinum wedding bands look absolutely dreamy when paired with white diamonds–like capturing starlight.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold wedding bands have been popular for centuries, a testament to their timeless style. After all, who wouldn’t love wearing this cheerful, sunshine yellow color? Yellow gold wedding rings are a welcome pop of color, exuding both love for your partner and optimism for the future. This warm gold color is not only timeless, but symbolic of all the days of sunshine you have to look forward to with your partner.

Yellow is the natural color of gold. Yet, did you know that yellow gold wedding bands come in slightly different shades depending on their karat? A karat is a unit of measurement jewelers useto specify the proportion of gold in an alloy out of 24 parts. For example, 14k gold would be 14/24 parts gold. The higher the karat, the softer the metal will be and the brighter the ring will look. No matter what karat you choose, we’ll help you find the perfect wedding rings for you and your partner.

White Gold

White gold is yellow gold mixed with another metal. The result is a wedding ring that’s a classic grayish-white color. These lustrous wedding rings are elegant and timeless, the perfect combination for showing off diamonds. White gold wedding bands complement any outfit, style, or aesthetic.

Rose Gold

Rose gold wedding rings get their blush color from mixing yellow gold with copper. The more copper in the mix, the redder the ring will be. The more gold, the lighter the ring will be. For example, an 18k rose gold wedding ring will have 18/24 parts pure gold. As a result, it’ll have a lighter, pale blush hue. The Paul Medawar team will be more than happy to help you discover the perfect shade of rose gold for you and your beloved.

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