Help! I Don’t Like My Engagement Ring

Help! I Don't Like My Engagement Ring Grand Rapids MI

You’re engaged—congratulations! We hope the big moment was every bit as magical as you’ve always imagined. Now that the shine has worn off, however, you might find yourself in an uncomfortable predicament: you don’t like your engagement ring. If this is you, don’t panic. Here’s what our custom jewelers suggest.

1. Give yourself time.

When your partner proposes, the emotion of the moment can be overwhelming. While you might initially think that you dislike your engagement ring, it can grow on you after a few days. It might not look the way you always dreamed it would, but once the ring is on your finger, it can turn out to be even better than what you imagined after the surprise wears off.

2. Talk to your partner.

If a few days pass and you still don’t love the ring, don’t feel guilty about talking to your partner about it. A ring you’ll wear every day is certainly something you have the right to discuss, and your engagement ring should be a source of joy for years to come.

Be gentle in your wording and make sure you communicate how excited you are about the engagement overall. Even though your partner may feel hurt at first, they will understand that you want some input in a piece of jewelry that will be worn every day and possibly even passed down to future generations. Additionally, think about this: your lives together are just beginning. Learning each other’s tastes is just another way for your relationship to grow and deepen.

3. Consider modification.

One way to preserve the idea of the ring your partner chose for you is to modify the ring rather than to opt for a new one altogether. This way, the ring can become a symbol of love and collaboration between you and your partner.

As a premier jewelry store, Paul Medawar Fine Jewelry is here to help you find, modify, or design the engagement ring of your dreams. Our custom jewelry makers are experts, and will be happy to discuss all of your options with you. Stop by our store today to talk to one of our professionals.

4. Size isn’t everything.

If your main concern isn’t the style of the ring, but the size of the diamond, you might want to think twice about bringing it up with your partner. There are more costs that go into an engagement ring than just the stone itself, and it’s possible that your partner’s budget was at its limit with the ring you have. While the media glorifies large diamonds, the truth is that a smaller diamond can have just as much meaning, if not more.

Need to Make an Adjustment?

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