What Do I Need to Know Before Buying an Engagement Ring?

What Do I Need to Know Before Buying an Engagement Ring

Each guest that walks into our store is treated with the utmost care and respect. To us, nothing is more rewarding than helping a guest find an engagement ring that symbolizes the depths of their love and commitment. We sincerely hope our guide will help you on your journey to buying the perfect engagement ring for the woman you love. We look forward to seeing you in our store soon!

The Paul Medawar Shopping Experience

It is our greatest privilege and honor to help you choose an engagement ring befitting of your unique love story. We believe that each ring tells a story, which is why we work diligently to help you find the one that brings you the most joy.

Our team of experts will be more than happy to show you our selection of exceptional engagement rings without ever pressuring you to select a ring right away. We recognize that an engagement ring is an enduring symbol of your love and something your partner will wear for the rest of her life. Take your time and be sure to ask our knowledgeable team any questions you might have while you shop for an engagement ring.

Our team of experts answer each question thoroughly and will treat you like a member of the family. We give each guest the information they need to shop for engagement rings with confidence.

Our Engagement Rings

Some of the ancient Greeks believed that diamonds were the glittering fragments of fallen stars. Gazing at our selection of diamond engagement rings, it’d be hard to disagree. There’s nothing more romantic than the idea of capturing starlight in a diamond.

Keep in mind that your engagement ring doesn’t have to have diamonds. An engagement ring with sapphire, ruby, or alexandrite is no less romantic than one with diamonds. In fact, it can make your engagement ring that much more unique and personal.

We have incredibly high standards when it comes to our diamond engagement rings and other bridal jewelry. This should give you peace of mind as you experience all our jewelry store has to offer. Browse the Paul Medawar Collection for unparalleled quality or design your own custom engagement ring for a truly unique piece. We also sell beautiful engagement rings from Tacori and Verragio.

The Four C’s of Diamonds

If you’ve already researched engagement rings for women, you’ve most likely heard about the 4 C’s of diamonds (Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat). We believe that any ring you fall in love with is the right one. Yet, it may help to learn more about what makes our rings of the highest quality.


The cut of a diamond doesn’t refer to its shape (e.g. oval), but rather how it was sliced and faceted to reveal its true inner beauty and brilliance. The most luminous diamonds are cut to give them excellent proportion and symmetry. Also, keep in mind that different cuts will make diamonds reflect, disperse, and play with light differently. For example, when examined under the light, a brilliant-cut style will give a diamond a more dazzling sparkle, while a step-cut style will give a diamond more of a prismatic sheen. Both are very beautiful, yet very different.


Diamonds are one of nature’s greatest treasures, buried deep under the earth’s surface. Since diamonds are natural, it’s rare for them to be completely without inclusions. While some would label these as “imperfections”, we would prefer to think of them as what makes each diamond unique. No two diamonds are exactly alike, just like snowflakes.

The diamond industry uses a scale to measure clarity, with FL meaning flawless and I3 meaning many inclusions are visible to the naked eye. The rarest diamonds have little to no inclusions. Most diamonds used for engagement rings have very small inclusions that are only visible under a microscope.


The color spectrum for white diamonds runs from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow). Most diamonds for engagement rings fall between D through J, which is colorless to near colorless. The rarest diamonds have little to no color, like drops of the purest water.


Carat refers to how much a diamond weighs. Many people get caught up in trying to purchase a certain carat weight due to peer pressure, social status, or cultural trends. Don’t fall into this trap, or feel like you have to buy a “huge rock” for your diamond engagement ring to be special. No matter what diamond you choose, you can be assured that your engagement ring will be beautiful and of high quality. The most important thing for us is making sure you absolutely love your engagement ring.

When you speak with our team of experts, you’ll never feel pressured to choose a bigger carat size. We respect your budget and will be more than happy to help you select something you and your future bride will love.

Still Have Questions?

We are always striving to create the perfect shopping experience for our guests. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to call Paul Medawar Fine Jewelry at (616) 363-4902. You may also stop by our jewelry store in Grand Rapids, MI, located on Plainfield Avenue. We look forward to hearing from you!