3 Keys to Buying Earrings as a Gift

Jewelry Store In Grand Rapids Mi EarringsBuying earrings for someone isn’t easy, especially if you’ve never worn them yourself. As a family-owned jeweler, we’re here to help. We can’t wait to assist you in finding the right pair of earrings your loved one will treasure every time they wear them.

We’ve created this three-step guide to ease your concerns, give clarity to the process, and make your fine jewelry shopping experience one you want to enjoy time and time again.

1.) Know Their Lifestyle

Not too challenging, right? Buying earrings for someone isn’t as intimidating as it sounds! It all starts with that special person you’re buying for. We’ll begin by asking about a few key traits that pop into your head when you think of them. Are they funny, outgoing, introverted, a risk-taker or a homebody? Questions like this help us craft a style palette to match your recipient.

On top of this, age and lifestyle matter too. A young child may find smaller earrings more enjoyable than dangly earrings simply because they won’t get caught as much. While an adult might want something to match specific attire for planned occasions such as summer weddings or winter galas.

As fine jewelers, we’re able to craft earrings for any setting. If your recipient wants something more subtle, our jewelers will create a pair that still captures an individual’s elegance but fits everyday use.

A key thing to note is what sort of things your loved one wears in their everyday lifestyle. If they have a silver wedding band, we can help you find earrings to match it. The same goes for a gold band or if you’re trying to match a diamond ring or birthstone. Noting what your recipient wears on their wrists is another helpful key, as we love finding a pair of earrings to match bracelets or watches. Paying attention to small lifestyle details like these help make the jewelry stand out in the beautiful way it was intended to.

2.) Occasion Matters

When it comes to buying earrings, you’ll also want to make sure you gift them in the right setting. It may sound silly, but the occasion does matter for how a person receives a gift.

Special occasion earrings are different than earrings someone wears frequently. We recommend gifting someone special occasion earrings in a special setting (birthday parties, Christmas dinners, anniversaries), not on the fly or out of nowhere as your recipient may be caught off guard by them then.

By choosing your setting carefully, you create a memory for the earrings as well. This memory is something your loved one will connect back to when they wear them, so we want to make sure it’s right.

3.) Your Opinion Matters

Don’t psych yourself out, your opinion does matter when it comes to buying earrings as a gift. Buying a pair that means something to you shows how you care, and that you pay attention to your recipient on a devoted level.

As your fine jewelry shop, we aim for the perfect balance between your style and your recipient’s. Most jewelry has two parts: the metal and the stone. Old tales used to link jewelry to something important whether it was magic, belonging, love, or something wild. Branching from their roots, we want your personalized jewelry to capture a story between you and your loved one.

One way to do this is to pick a favorite movie, book, memory, or vacation and connect that to the earrings. This gives the earrings more meaning and personal value because they then build into the narrative between you and your recipient. As your fine jewelers, we’re happy to help you shop and find or forge the pair that fits perfectly.

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