10 Popular Diamond Shapes for Engagement Rings

10 Popular Diamond Shapes for Engagement Rings

Choosing the perfect diamond shape is as crucial as the proposal itself. At Paul Medawar Fine Jewelry in Grand Rapids, MI, we offer an exclusive selection of luxurious and sophisticated diamond shapes, ensuring that every engagement ring is as unique and special as the love it symbolizes.

Here’s our guide to the top 10 diamond shapes that are sure to captivate and charm.

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1. Round Cut Diamond

The quintessential choice for those who cherish tradition and elegance, the round cut diamond engagement ring is the epitome of timeless beauty. Its 58 facets are precision cut to maximize sparkle and brilliance. A round diamond is not just a stone; it’s a testament to a love that is everlasting.

2. Princess Cut Diamond

Modern and magnificent, the princess cut is perfect for those who adore a contemporary look with a touch of classic glamor. Its sharp, uncut corners and beautiful symmetry make it a favored choice when browsing diamond engagement rings for sale.

Engagement Ring Store Grand Rapids MI

Engagement Ring Store Grand Rapids MI

3. Emerald Cut Diamond

With its elongated, rectangular shape and step cuts, the emerald cut diamond engagement ring offers a unique optical appearance that emphasizes clarity with its large open table. This sophisticated cut is ideal for someone with a penchant for vintage flair and understated elegance.

4. Cushion Cut Diamond

The cushion cut diamond is a square cut with rounded corners. This resembles a cushion, which is where the shape gets its name. Its classic appeal and soft edges make it a popular choice for those who seek a romantic, gentle aesthetic at our diamond engagement ring store.

5. Oval Cut Diamond

The oval diamond is a modified brilliant-cut that stands out for its remarkable brilliance. Its elongated shape can make the finger of the wearer appear longer and slimmer, making it a flattering choice when shopping for diamond engagement rings in Grand Rapids, MI.

Engagement Ring Store Grand Rapids MI

Engagement Ring Store Grand Rapids MI

6. Pear Cut Diamond

Also known as the teardrop, the pear-shaped diamond is a hybrid cut combining the brilliance and design elements of both round and marquise cuts. It’s an excellent choice for those looking to combine elegance with a touch of whimsy.

7. Marquise Cut Diamond

The marquise diamond, with its eye-catching boat shape, can maximize carat weight, giving it a much larger appearance. Its elongated shape can also make the finger appear longer, which is appealing for its elegance and sophistication.

8. Radiant Cut Diamond

Blending the best of round and emerald cut styles, the radiant cut diamond is known for its trimmed corners and vibrant brilliance. It’s perfect for those who want a lively diamond that catches the light with every movement. Come visit our Grand Rapids jeweler shop to see its dazzling effects for yourself!

Engagement Ring Store Grand Rapids MI

Engagement Ring Store Grand Rapids MI

9. Asscher Cut Diamond

Characterized by its deep step cuts and square shape, the Asscher cut diamond is nearly identical to the emerald cut but with a square shape. This cut is favored by those who appreciate a touch of antique charm mixed with modern brilliance at our engagement ring store.

10. Heart Cut Diamond

The ultimate symbol of love, the heart-shaped diamond engagement ring is an unmistakable declaration of romantic intent. Its complexity and need for precision cutting make it a rarity and a favorite for those who want to express their love in a profoundly personal way.

Engagement Ring Store Grand Rapids MI

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